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Abiquiu Morada

The La Morada de Nuestra Senora de Dolores del Alto de Abiquiu in Abiquiu, NM.

The Penitentes are a semi-secret sect of the Catholic Church in northen New Mexico and southern Colorado. The full name is Los Hermanos de la Fraternidad Piadosa de Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno, "The Brothers of the Pious Fraternity of Our Father Jesus of Nazareth". This society has had a strong influence on the culture and beliefs of the small villages and towns of the Upper Rio Grande Valley.

The roots of the Penitentes goes back about 800 years ago to Spain and Italy. Members practice self-flagellation and other forms of physical torment as penance for their sins. The Penitentes have been in New Mexico for over 400 years.

This Morada was built in 1820 and is still used by the Penitentes in this area.

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